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Work Projects - Working Together
Downtown Lions Participate In “Honor Flight”


A group  of 51 veterans and 53 volunteer “Guardians” made the trip from Eugene to Washington,D.C. to visit the National WWII Memorial. Despite the problems caused by the partial government shutdown, the monument was open specially for the “Honor Flight” group. 

Eugene Downtown Lion Vice-President Karen Norton and her husband Gene participated in their second “Honor Flight.”

Another member of the club Lion Bill Sarnoff was one of the local veterans going on this historic trip to honor all of those who served our country in WWII.

The group also visited the other memorials from Vietnam, Korea, the Air Force and Navy Memorials, along with the “Changing of the Guard” at Arlington National Cemetery.Members of the group also participated in the wreath laying ceremony, which was a first.

Lion Karen Norton described how the group was taken care of on their journey. “As in any Honor Flight there   was so much help along the way. Vietnam veteran motorcycle honor guards escorted us to the memorials  and then to Dulles when we left. The USO delivered & provided lunches at our Chicago stop, going & coming. National Honor flight volunteers were there to great us and help at Dulles and Portland  with whatever we needed, including providing directions, pushing wheelchairs, unloading luggage and giving general good wishes and greetings. Southwest airlines made special recognition of the veterans. TSA gave us priority boarding & screening. The last night we had dinner at the Elks Lodge and volunteer Youth Marines attended us. When we arrived at Portland, it was almost overwhelming. Not many dry eyes. There were 2 bagpipe players as well as State and local police, firefighters and sheriffs all in uniform and standing at attention and saluting. They had all been allowed to go past security to go to where we got off the flight. Military members in uniform and well wishers were on the other side of security. It's hard to describe everything, except to say it's inspiring and makes you feel very proud”.

Thanks go out to everyone involved in making this a memorable trip for our veterans. And a special thank you to our veterans who gave so much in service to our country.


Reported by: Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown

Lions Club

Picture Perfect Pocket Park Weather


It started at 9 a.m. on Thursday March 14th . Skies were overcast, no chance of rain, and it proved to be the perfect day to spruce-up the “Pocket Park” at the corner of 24th Avenue and Amazon Parkway. The corner area is used by walkers, runners, and joggers as a stretching area and as a place to see flyers related to those activities in the area.  

The Eugene Downtown Lions Club has been maintaining the “Pocket Park” for quite a few years now with a core of 5 to 10 members who volunteer their time to mow the grass, clear out invasive weeds, blackberries, etc. and maintain the small shelter and its bulletin board. Lion Annie Harris, who chairs this effort, takes charge of cleaning up the bulletin board.

Our President Lion Jim Newt is handy with the lawn mower while Lion Sharon Newton "attacks" the weeds.








Another one of the Pocket Park regulars is Lion Andy Bakr who wields a mean edger.

Other Lions who helped out this day included Wes Reynolds, Darlene Thomasec and Joy Troutman.

2 April 2013

Story and Pictures: Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown

Lions Club

Delta Ponds Effort

The Question is Why?

Yes, the question is why. Why would a group of people choose to get together on a beautiful sunny day to work up a sweat planting trees, clearing out debris, and picking up garbage at the Delta Ponds? The answer lies in the Lions Club motto “We Serve.” They divided into three groups: brush removal, planting, and trash pickup. Each group worked for nearly three hours beginning around 9 AM. Alders and other plants were placed near one of the new bridges, watered, enclose with mesh or wire, and, in some cases mulched.




A large pile of old brush was moved down close to the water, freeing up an area for further plantings of shade-loving plants at some later time. The trash removal people filled about ten large bags with trash collected from along Delta Highway.


Katie Blair-Terrozez, our Parks and Open Spaces Volunteer Coordinator, helped organize the activities and rolled up her sleeves (wait, she was wearing a short-sleeved shirt) and worked as hardas everyone else.The Lions participating were: Joy Troutman, Jane Olbekson, Bob Rust, Andy Bakr, Jim Newton, Jim Origliosso, Wes Reynolds, Chuck Blanchard, and a man who keeps repaying us for helping to restore his sight, Dan Mullen, who always requests the hardest, dirtiest

Helping us sustain our efforts were some of Lion Joy’s famous brownies that she brings for every work party. Just a reminder that the next time volunteers are requested for a Delta Ponds work party don’t forget those sweet, delicious brownies will be waiting for you when you are done working

2 April 2013

Report and Pictures by: Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown 

Lions Club


Food Rescue Express

Downtown Lions work for Food Rescue Express and make some new friends

This story is one of the meeting of two very different cultures with a spirit of service. Lion Andrew Miles provided the following narrative. 

Jackson Kellogg came as a guest to the Eugene Downtown Lions Club. His wife is from Central Asia and is active in the Islamic community. Many of the Arabs in Eugene are students and want to contribute to the community and also learn about American culture outside of what they might find on college campuses or in mass media.  While at the Abu Bakr Mosque I heard a conversation regarding how they could serve the community so I invited them to lend a hand at the food rescue express particularly since the sign up sheet from the Lions showed that we might be short handed.

I thought that based on human nature if 15 guys say that they will come that a few might actually show up. Instead around 20 people came and loved the experience and left with a positive impression of Lions and American culture. There was a mix of students and business owners from Eugene. The majority of the group are from foreign countries and were unsure about how to best lend a hand.  Moktor AlHemyare, owner of a car dealership said, "It's good to learn from the Lions Club as an established, respected group that can teach us how to efficiently serve the community." Ibrahim Hamide, owner of Cafe Sariah said, "This was a great experience, its our duty to feed the hungry and it was a great venue to learn how to best do this within the context of American culture."  Many of the students gained a very positive impression of Lionism and asked if there were clubs in their home countries.  Khlaid Alfallatah said, "Some have suggested that we do things as a community of Muslims to show people that we are not what some news sources say that we are, but this is not Islamic. Doing things for personal recognition only feeds the ego, even within the context of a group. The more important factor is the act of service itself. We may help people for recognition and God may later punish us for doing it with the wrong intentions, by helping existing service organizations who have more experience we keep the focus on service.” The rest of what I heard was in Arabic.  

From Lion Tim Chuey's perspective it's difficult to come up with words that could express those sentiments any better than Lion Andrew and the group members already did. We’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. There are too many people, both Lions and Muslims, to list all of their names, but it is more important that we are thankful for the opportunity to interact with such gracious people. 

Food Rescue Express is an arm of Food For Lane County. For those who don’t already know volunteers from various groups in the area repackage food fro Food Rescue Expres that was donated by local restaurants so that it can be distributed to those in need.

6 March 2011

Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown Lions Club


Both groups told what work they will be doing.


Lions doing their part in

repackaging the food.










Local Muslims pitch in and also work hard.

Even the youngest helped out.




Meals on Wheels

This Red Cross program provides a hot mid-day meal to people who find it difficult or impossible to prepare nutritious food on their own. EDT Lions deliver meals each Monday and Thursday throughout the year.