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So You Think Your Might Want To Be A Lion?

We are happy that you are interested in becoming a member of the Eugene Downtown Lions Club. We pride ourselves on the work we are able to do in the community and the world. The Lions Club is the largest service organization in the world. We do a lot of work and have a lot of fund doing it! Please know that although it is not required, we strongly encourage each and every member to be actively involved. It is only through the efforts of our members that our club is able to make a difference. If active service and fun sound appealing, Eugene Downtown Lions Club may well be the place for you.



Why Join?

Becoming a Lion provides the following opportunities:

• To enjoy fellowship with others who are involved community service

• To gain skill in public speaking, committee participation, and leadership

• To make new friends, new business relationships, and to become

more a part of the community


If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find a list of reasons why current members of the Eugene Downtown Lions joined Lions. This will give you some idea of the many reasons that others have found for joining this worldwide service organization.




Who Can Join?

Membership in the Eugene Downtown Lions is by invitation usually from a member whom a person already knows or has met when attending meetings. People who have a serious interest in community service find the Lions an exciting outlet for their interest.



How to Join?

An application for membership must be completed once a person

has a member sponsor. A check for dues must accompany the application.

Contact Person

For more information contact:

Lion Mary Fechtel, Secretary

2580 Dumas Drive

Springfield, OR 97477

(541) 747-6828

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




These are responses from members of the Eugene Downtown Lions Club

we received in September 2013 to the question "Why did you join Lions"?

**I joined the Eugene Downtown Lions Club to serve my community. Lion Andy Bakr

**I joined the Eugene Downtown Lions Club because I was invited to a meeting as a

guest. I liked what I saw. Lion Tim Chuey

**I married into it and decided to stay.

**Serving others in our community, especially concerned about vision.

**Helping folks in this community and serving others.

**Fellowship and making new friends working for others. Everyone was so friendly

and we had wonderful support from Ann and Wayne. Lion Norma B

**My boss at the time was already in Rotary. I looked up Lions online and saw they

were involved with sight, hearing and diabetes awareness. I also learned my

neighbor over the back fence was president of the Ashland Lions Club. He invited

me to come to a meeting and to join the club. I did not get the business networking I

hoped for, but the service was worthwhile and I stayed a Lion after I moved to

Eugene. Lion Wes R

**I joined the Lions because I enjoy serving people.

**Because they asked! I stayed because my sponsor got me very active and I realized

how zany and fun everybody was. Lion Mary

**I turned 65 in 1999, and I joined Lions to bring some youthfullness to the club. Babe

**Fellowship and service.

**Don Bowers asked be to become a Lion for 1520 years. After I retired, I finally


**In order to be on the Sight and Hearing Committee. Lion Darlene Thomasec

**Help others. Fellowship.


**Don Bowers twisted my arm one too many times then Walt got my attention at a

Marist football game. Lion Sandy Mattson

**I was asked by a Lion, Judge Halvorsen. Met some nice people and decided to join.

Lion Gail Wilkening

**The friendliness of all members. I decided on joining as I walked off the elevator decided

even before getting in the room this group is for me. The awareness of

sight and hearing was a part of my life prior to joining.

**My husband was a Lion. I joined Lions to be with good friends and to help with all

the great things we do. Lion Yvonne Hamson

**After L.M. encouraged me to come to meetings I saw where service was a very

important element I have been in helping services as a professional. This is a

good way to keep serving people while being in retirement. Also the club has a fun

personality, good guest speakers and lots of great Lions.

**I joined because of service and because my Dad had been a Lion during his

lifetime. Also because Gene Gustafson assured me that the club had an array of

service options so I would be able to find something to my liking.

*I married into it. Lion Ann M.

**i was invited to attend a Lions club meeting at the Eugene Hotel by my dentist,

Dr. Fred Epplett. I was impressed by the Lions I met, and also the mission of Lions,

"We Serve". Lion P.P. John Hamson

**I joined Lions because I was asked to join! Also, because I was new in Eugene

and wanted to serve others and meet new friends. Lion Jim Newton

**A member of our church in Ferguson, MO was a member of the Ferguson Lions.

My wife suggested to him that I might be interested in joining the Lions. he invited

me to a meeting, and shortly after, I was asked to help with an amblyopia screening.

I was hooked and have been a Lion ever since. Lion Chuck Blanchard

**I joined Eugene Downtown Lions because I wanted to be involved in an organization

that focused on making people's lives better and we have fun doing it! Lion Diane Landon

**I asked because Jeff Musgrove asked me to. I stay because of the difference we

make in people's lives. Lion Twila Butler

**I joined because Pat Richardson asked me to. Lion Annie Harris


**I joined Lions because I was asked! I am so very happy that i was. Lion Sharon Newton

**I joined LIONS because I cannot come close to the collective warmth and dedication

of our members to "serving" others. Lion Bill Sarnoff

**I joined in 1997 because one of the Realtors@ that I knew kept asking me to join. I

left a couple years later as I felt I was not able to get as involved as I wanted to. So I

left and subsequently decided to come back as a new member when my daughter

was diagnosed with a rare eye disease which caused me to rethink involvement in a

service organization. Lions seemed to be a natural choice. I have been able to get

involved by virtue of invitations from lions to join committees I now feel like I have a

close knit family. Lion Jan Sohlman

Please come see our club in†action. You could add your own reason to this list.