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Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus


The Eugene Downtown Lions Club’s 6th annual “Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus” was held Saturday December 7th from 8:30 AM until 12:00 PM at St. Thomas Episcopal Fellowship Hall, 1465 Coburg, Road, Eugene. Over the years that this event has been held we have had good weather and an ice storm. This year we had an extra added bonus  of having an 8.4 inch  snow storm the day before the event. While the event did not draw as many people as hoped for,  the turnout was better than we might have expected. We at least covered our expenses. The cost was $5 for kids and $8 for adults. For breakfast: Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs, Cocoa, & Coffee.

Delta Gamma Sorority and Sigma Nu Fraternity members were the wait staff and did a commendable job.

Holiday treats and baked goods were available from Mrs. Claus’ kitchen. Santa’s helpers assisted kids with frosting their own cookies.

Two kids bikes were raffled off with tickets at $3 each or 5 for $10. The first winner was Lion John Hamson who gave the bike to Lion Bob Rust who then gave it to his godson Clevon Zemba and to be shared with his little brother.

The winner of the second bike was not present, but was contacted right away by phone. Many brought cameras or used their phones to get pictures with hosts Santa and Mrs. Claus. The fundraiser was held to support the Lions Club’s community projects. Some might look at this year’s Pancake Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus as a failure, but if you take the spirit of Christmas giving and add it to our motto “We Serve” here is what you get. All of the leftover breakfast makings including pancake mix, sausages, and eight 15-dozen cases of fresh eggs were donated to the Eugene Mission. They were very happy to accept our gift and they say it would provide 500 servings to those in need. Special thanks go to Lions Twila Butler and Judith Grosenick for their hard work organizing the event once again.

Story and pictures by Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown Lions

Downtown Lions Club Raffle Winners Are Luncheon Guests



After 7 weeks of selling raffle tickets the wait is over to find out whose tickets were chosen by Lion Twila Butler and announced by Raffle Chair Lion Karen Norton.

Here are the 7 Lucky Winners for the 2013 Eugene Downtown Lions Club Raffle.

1) Marlys Ashburn - A $3,000 Travel Voucher (value $3,000)          

2) Sue Eddenger - A Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair (value $1,400) 

3) Melissa Speilberg - Apple iPad (value $729)

4) Michelle Shearingen - Specialized Sirrus - Man’s Bicycle (value $650)

5) Melody Hathorn - Specialized Vita - Women’s Bicycle (value $650)

6) Wayne Glander - Bi-Mart Gift Certificate (value $500)

7)  Stu Barr - Bi-Mart Gift Certificate (value $500)

Four of the 7 winners were present at our July 10th meeting to enjoy lunch, a round of applause, and the certificate to get their prize. From left to right : Elliette Phillips Granddaughter of 1st prize winner Marlys Ashburn, 2nd prize winner Sue Eddenger,  5th prize winner Melody Hathorn, and 6th prize winner Wayne Glander and  Lion Karen Norton our Raffle Chair who presented the prize certificates. 

The other 3 raffle winners present at the July 17th meeting from left to right: Raffle Chair Lion Karen Norton, 3rd prize winner Melissa Speilberg, 4th prize winner Michelle Shearingen,  and 7th prize winner Stu Barr.

This year’s raffle earned over $17,000 which will fund the many programs and individuals the Club helps in this Lion’s year that began July first. Our thanks to members who sold tickets, to those who supplied our prizes, and especially all of those who purchased our tickets or gave us a donation.

Story and pictures by Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown Lions Club

Downtown Lions "Wrap Up" the Holidays

Lion Karen Norton organized the volunteer day at Barnes and Noble     Bookstore across from Valley River Center. Ten club members      worked in two hour shifts from 10 AM until 4 PM on Saturday      December 15th performing free gift wrapping for the store’s patrons.    




Barnes and Noble    provided Holiday  wrapping paper and even  special paper for  Hanukkah gifts. During  my shift there were two  customers who were quite grateful that the Hanukkah paper was available. Lions worked so that two were involved in the wrapping and the third member greeted and offered the customers the free gift wrapping while promoting Lionism. It was a great experience in previous years and currently so the tradition will continue. There was a large snifter sitting on the tables should the customers want to donate to the Lions and we totaled $64 in donations to the Club for the day.

Report and pictures by Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown Lions


Crab Feed and Auction


This Gathering Was “Nothing To Crab About

The annual Crab Feed and Auction of the Eugene Downtown Lions Club was a great gathering of hungry and happy Lions and guests who totaled between 90 and 100 in all. It is another case of Lions serving and in this case they were serving tasty crab, side dishes, and yummy desserts.

Congratulations go to Lion Jane Olbekson and Lion Twila Butler who did a superb job organizing the event and having everything go perfectly. Lion Jane Olbekson was singled out as being instrumental in getting the job done.

Lion Gene Gustafson did his usual outstanding job of cajoling everyone into buying tickets for the wine raffle. And he made sure those with the winning tickets got their pick from the many bags of high quality wine.









Lion Jan Sohlman helped out Lions Twila Butler and Ed Gear in calling out the silent auction winners.


Our own "Who knew he could play a guitar and sing?" President Newt entertained by singing some songs from the 1960s.

Lion Bob Hixson showed what a good auctioneer he is by dazzling us with his skill of getting bidders to keep bidding against each other for such auction items from a hundred mile sightseeing trip in a Piper Cherokee airplane, to a 3-nights stay at Sun River in a 4-bedroom house that sleeps eight, to a $240 dinner package at the Oregon Gardens Resort in Silverton and many more.

A big "Thank You" goes out to all of those who helped serve and eat the delicious food, all of those who came to the event, and especially to the folks at St. Thomas Episcopal Church for letting us once again utilize their gathering room and kitchen. The preliminary net profit for the event is $5.700. That rates a WOW!

Story and Pictures by:

Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chariman

Eugene Downtown Lions

Chili Fiesta


Downtown Lions Chili Fiesta makes Money for FOOD For Lane County


The Eugene Downtown Lions embarked on a new fundraiser this year---a Chili Fiesta. The Fiesta  was open to the public and was held at St. Thomas Episcopal Fellowship Hall 1465 Coburg Road from 5:00 PM until 7:30 PM Tuesday March 15th, 2011.

More than 90 people were served by volunteer Lions who worked in the kitchen, served the food, and cleared the tables.

There was special entertainment for the Fiesta. Duo Piel Canella, Mago and Willy, sang, and danced to his guitar music to the delight of crowd.

On the menu was award winning chili, homemade corn bread with honey butter, cider, punch, and coffee. The tickets were $ 8.00 with children under 10 years old $6.00. $3.00 from each bowl sold went to support Food For Lane County and the total earned for FOOD For Lane County was $320. According to FOOD For Lane County three meals can be provided for those in need for ever dollar donated to the organization. That means that earnings from the Chili Fiesta purchased over 900 meals.;

While the Lions hoped for a larger turnout, more community folks attended than did Lions and we took that as a good sign. Publicity for the event was handled by FOOD For Lane County and the club’s publicity committee who sent out press releases and Public Service Announcements to all of the local Media. KVAL-TV did a pre-Fiesta story explaining the event. All hope that next year’s event will bring back those who participated this year plus many more.




Reporter: Tim Chuey 

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown Lions Club