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Community Service Projects
Peace Poster Contest

Downtown Lions Judge Peace Poster Entrants

During the November 6th, 2013, noon meeting of the Eugene Downtown Lions Club, members judged Peace Poster entrants from O’Hara Catholic School and the Boys and Girls Club of Emerald Valley.


Lion Don Combs collected the posters and set up the voting by the membership.One winner was chosen by vote for each group.








The Winner from O’Hara Catholic School is Ben Pierce.

The winner from the Boys and Girls Club of Emerald Valley is Chasey Flanagan.

These two posters go on to the next level of judging for District 36-R.


Story and Pictures by:Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown Lions Club


A Special Open House

The Children’s Miracle Network-Lions Guest House was the site of an open house February 27th from 2-4 p.m. As its name indicates, the Guest House is a combined effort between the Children’s Miracle Network and local Lions. The Guest House opened on December 17th, 2000 with the expressed purpose of helping families cope with having a family member in the hospital and needing to be close-by to spend time together at Sacred Heart-Peace Health Hospital in Downtown Eugene. The Guest House has eleven rooms and has had about 2,900 guests stay there over the years. The longest stay was 143 days.

The Eugene Downtown Lions Club was well represented at the open house with Lions John Hamson, Jim Origliosso, and Jerry Brown chatting with Paulette Dutchak, Guest House Program Manager.

2 April 2013 

Story and Pictures: Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown

Lions Club
Flags for First Graders

Patriotism is Alive and Flourishing at O’Hara Catholic School

Every year, Eugene Downtown Lion Tim Chuey visits a school as part of the Lions Flag for First Graders Program. This year’s celebration, held at O'Hara Catholic School on Tuesday February 19th the day after Presidents' Day, began as do all of their assemblies. Principal Tammy Conway was under the weather so Vice Principal Chris Milliron made the announcements and then led the whole assembly in prayer. Students participated in the prayer and announcements.

The “Scouts”, led by Mr. Richard Schellenger, presented the “colors” in the traditional flag ceremony and all recited the “Pledge of Allegiance” together.

Lion Tim's part in the assembly was to explain the meaning of the words in the “Pledge of Allegiance”. The students each received a flag, a block of wood with the Lions logo on it for a flag stand, and a brochure with a brief history of the flag and pictures showing how it has changed over the years. 

It is the pleasure of the Eugene Downtown Lions Club to provide all 525 students attending O’Hara with the flag sets. It is so wonderful to see the flame of patriotism passed on to the younger generation. Due to the number of flags provided, the teachers later passed out the flags to their students in their classrooms.

Story and Pictures by: LionTim Chuey 

Publicity Chairman 

Eugene Downtown 

Lions Club

Alert Committee in Action

Downtown Lions Preparing for Disaster

The Eugene Downtown Lions Club recently formed a disaster and emergency committee (called Alert) and had to decide exactly what it could do to be of help when a disaster or emergency strikes the Eugene-Springfield area. Lion Tim Chuey volunteered to chair the committee since he has been through just about every natural disaster there is except a Tsunami. The committee contacted Linda Cook, Program Director of the Lane County Office of Emergency Management, for input in choosing a project. Linda presented three possible projects that would be pro-active meaning preparing before a disaster happens. Her first idea was chosen and it turned out to be the perfect project. She suggested that we find people who would be the most vulnerable in a disaster situation and see what we could do help them be more prepared. As it turns out, one of the club’s members Lion L.M. Reese is a resident of Olive Plaza in Downtown Eugene and utilizes an electric wheelchair. He is on the committee and suggested that there are many vulnerable people living there that we could help. We defined vulnerable people as someone who is a senior citizen and/or is disabled in some way as to make taking care of themselves in a disaster or emergency difficult or impossible.

An assessment sheet was put together with a series of questions to determine how prepared the apartment resident is now and what they need to do to be better prepared. The questions were organized using guidelines from FEMA. Protecting your head, hands, and feet was a top FEMA priority.





It was decided that the club would provide a Red Cross double Emergency    backpack and two hard hats for protection. The backpack contains a first aid  kit and supplies that would last for at least three days. The reason for the  double backpack and two hard hats is that the most vulnerable usually have  a caregiver or assistant with them and both would need the supplies to  survive. We purchased the backpacks from the Red Cross and Todd Thayer,  Executive Director of the Oregon Chapter of the American Red Cross, was  generous in giving us a discount for purchasing 6 backpacks all at one time.

Lion L.M.. Reese was kind enough to be the “Guinea Pig” for our assessment process and let us check out his apartment for preparedness and to try out the survey to make sure it was not intimidating to the person we are trying to help. Lion Darlene Thomasec, Vice-Chair of the Alert Committee, presented the backpack and hard hat to Lion L.M. Reese.

We placed a signup sheetat Olive Plaza and began contacting residents who wanted to work with us. Lions Darlene and Tim met with Jim Holder, our first “official”resident of Olive Plaza to have his apartment accessed. Since Mr. Holder doesn’t need a care provider he was given only one hard hat. Jim decided he would  pay for his backpack, an option we offer to the resident should they wish to do so. The club will provide the backpack and hard hats at no charge if the resident can’t afford to pay for them.

We consider this just the beginning of our project and invite the LionsClubs of Lane County and all of Oregon to start an Alert Committee in their Club as we have. You might want to pick our project model or another type of project that better suits your area, but the purpose remains the same; to help others be prepared before a disaster or emergency strikes.

For more information and details explaining how our committee got started and decided what project to tackle please feel free to contact Lion Tim at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 541-686-3430.


L to R: Linda Cook, Program Director of the Lane County Office of Emergency Management, Todd Thayer,Executive Director of the Oregon Chapter of the American Red Cross, Lion Jeff Musgrove, Committee member, Lion Tim Chuey, Committee Chair, and  Lion Darlene Thomasec, Vice-Chair of Alert Committee presenting check from the Eugene Downtown Lions Club to the Red Cross for the backpacks.


Story and Pictures by: LionTim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown Lions Club


Vial of Life Project


The Eugene Downtown Lions Club has embarked on a special project called “The Vial of Life.” The initial idea came from Lion Victor De’Prey who started the project with his own Waldport Lions Club. Lion Victor has since passed away but Lion President Judith Grosenick and Vice-Presidents Newt Newton and Wes Reynolds picked up on the idea and approached Lion Bob Rust to see if the Downtown Lions Community Services Committee would take on the project and that’s how it began. 

The project is quite simple. The “vials” are unused pill bottles that are stuffed with a form to fill out and labels to go on the bottle, on the refrigerator and one that would go on the front door.


The form is to contain all of the pertinent medical information about the resident of the house or apartment. If there is an emergency first responders would have the notice on the door stating that the “Vial of Life” is in the refrigerator and has medical information about the occupant and contact numbers for who should be notified should the occupant be incapacitated and not able to actually tell the responders the information they would need. 

The pill bottles were purchased from Safeway at cost and the forms were adapted from the ones the Waldport Lions used, and the labels were made on a computer. Copies of the labels and forms were donated by Club member, Lion Don Combs.  The Downtown Lions had a “Vial of Life” stuffing party to get them ready. Umpqua Bank was gracious enough to make one of their executive meeting rooms available for the group to use as a work room. An assembly line was set up and to work they went.

A great turn out of of twenty people did the work. The 1,000 bottles were closed and put in boxes. The work party took less than two hours to complete the job. The Club plans to distribute the vials free of charge to local businesses as well as at events that it sponsors throughout the year.









Lion Marian McDow (on the left) contributed her skill in capping the vials while Lion Bob Rust (on the right), head of the Community Service Committee, boxed the vials in preparation for distribution.


Photos and Report by: Lion Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown Lions